Bishop Craig W. Johnson

I greet you in the Name that is above every name – Jesus the Christ! Collectively and individually, we are now entering a destiny defining year. 2018 was about process – it prepared you for what is about to occur. 2019 was about proving – it proved you were worthy to receive what has been prepared for you. 2020 is about promise – it will be pleasing and satisfying despite contrary winds. This will be a year of transformation in which God will cause many to change their minds about who you are because they have witnessed your ability to survive significant storms (Acts 28:6).

This is “The Year of Uncommon Favor”. God is commanding a blessing to be sent in response to your willingness to pursue and work toward unity (Ps. 133). This blessing will manifest in many significant ways:

New territory
Miracles, signs, and wonders
Acts of kindness
Protection from peril – (WPP)
Living on leftovers

This year, God is sending a significant person to guide you to your destiny. Your ability to remain under the shelter of your Savior will be your protection from the storms that come your way. This year, you must hear clearly and obey completely (Ps. 91). Your future is willed with favor so focus forward (Isa. 43:18, 19). God has prepared this year to bring you into your promise. Get ready to live your dreams out loud (Eph. 3:20)! Welcome to the “Year of Uncommon Favor”!

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Mission Statement

To operate in unconditional love, assisting individuals and families in reaching their destiny as planned by God and learned through the knowledge of God’s Word and kingdom principles.

Vision Statement

The vision of Cathedral of Praise International Ministries was stated by our founder, Jesus the Christ, and recorded in Luke 4:18-19. This is a ministry of reconciliation ordained to assist the poor, to heal the hurting, to deliver the captive, to restore sagacity to the spiritually blind, to set free the oppressed, and to preach and teach the truth of the Gospel.

We have been commissioned to focus on people rather than programs, to create a spiritual atmosphere where true worshippers can praise Him in the freedom of the Spirit, and to break down the walls of tradition that make the Word of God of none effect.

We are commanded to edify the people of God by demonstrating unconditional love, by developing a community of believers who give of themselves so that no one is lacking anything, and by sowing the Word of God in our lives that a harvest of spiritual fruit might blossom forth.


Our Staff

Effective, July 6, 2020, our Administrative Office will be open on a "limited" basis Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We are reachable via phone at 909.474.1005. In accordance with CDC guidelines and State Executive Orders, a Face Covering is required for anyone wishing to enter the building. In addition, temperature checks are mandatory. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to being of service to you. 

Executive Staff

Bishop Craig W. Johnson, Th.D.
Senior Pastor/Visionary

 LaToya Yarbrough
Church Administrator

Administrative Staff

Michiela Reid
Office Supervisor

Britney Yarbrough
Administrative Assistant

Briana Yarbrough
Administrative Assistant

Jasmine Hooks
Administrative Assistant

Harvest Academy Learning Center

Tameka Brooks
Instructional Aide

Muneca Hemingway-Ward
Instructional Aide

Eisha Sheppard
Instructional Aide

Vision Carriers

Vision Carriers (Board)

Elder Kelvin Bell
Pastor Zachary Cue
Pasha Dourseau
Deacon Lewis Holcomb
Robin Holmes
Bishop Craig W. Johnson, Chairman
Pastor Kelvin Ward
Muneca Hemingway-Ward
LaToya Yarbrough



We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust, and care for each other.


T.E.A.M.s of COPIM
(Together Each Achieves More)
Focusing on Faith, Family, Future & Finances

Arts Team 
Team Leader: Joel Lester -

Praise Team
Step Team
Theatrical Arts
Voices of Cathedral

Business & Finance Team
Team Leader: LaToya Yarbrough -

Audio/Video Staff
Contractual Oversight
Financial Oversight
Harvest Community Development Corporation
Human Resources
Property Management
Risk Management

Team Leader: Pasha Dourseau -

Parking Lot

Daily Operations
Team Leader: Miki Reid -

Envelope Entry/Auditing
Event Coordination (Baptism, Dedications, Funerals, Weddings, Off-site meetings, off-site events)
Front Desk
Mail Pickup/Stamping
Membership Entry/Updates
Pastoral Assistance
Social Media
T.E.A.M.s Oversight/Coordination (Announcements, Annual Calendar, Check Requests, Work Orders, Working Plan)

Team Leader: Deacon Lee Harris -

Christian Education
Prayer Line

Family Life
Team Leader: Bishop Craig W. Johnson -

Married Couples

Team Leader: Pastor Zachary Cue -
Dreamers & Entrepreneurs
Helping Hands (Food Pantry)
Local Mission Partnership Opportunities

Visionary Extension
Team Leader: Pastor Bernard Jackson -

Spiritual Guidance

Team Leader: Muneca Hemingway-Ward (

J.A.M. (Children)
Harvest Academy Learning Center
G1 (Youth)

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